Back Massage

Regular massage treatment can be incorporated into your training programme from amateur sports person to an elite athlete or for those suffering from pain due to an injury, occupational work load, and postural related pain or just to maintain wellbeing. 

What can you expect from your appointment?

Prior to your first treatment a phone call will take place to assess your needs, take a brief medical history and make sure treatment is right for you.

In addition an assessment will be made in relation to your needs. This could include postural assessments, range of motion testing, pain assessments and muscle testing, after which we will discuss and plan your treatment. 


Homecare advice will be given at the end of each session to support the work carried out and to aid you in your goals whatever they may be.

You will be asked to undress to your comfort level and oil or cream may be used to assist with massage therapy. 

Treatments are tailored to your needs to ensure you achieve your goals.

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How much will a Sports Massage / Remedial Therapy session cost?


- 45 minute treatment £50


If you would like to make a block booking of multiple sessions, please contact me for details.