"I first went to see Deb when I was suffering with a long history of back, shoulder and hip pain. I am hypermobile and my hips can over-rotate.

I had terrible discomfort after karate training and was even struggling to walk home from school or walk my dog. Sitting was painful after about 30 minutes and my GCSEs were approaching, as were the karate World Championships.

Deb took a ‘whole body’ approach, not only treating the areas of pain but concentrating on the links between them and reasons for the pain.  She mainly concentrated on my shoulders and back, but worked on my calves, thighs, hips and arms. The improvements in my posture and pain levels were incredible, especially in my hips. 

Deb always had tips or suggestions for me to help myself, which was really helpful. I initially felt quite nervous, going to be massaged, but I needn’t have been; Deb is a total professional and I felt completely at ease with her at all times.

I have no doubt that Deb helped me through my GCSEs and to continue competing"

Rachel Testimonial.jpg

Rachel Barton-Hagger, WUKF European Champion

Sunset Run

Paul, Gym Owner, Hertfordshire

"I have been working with Deb and having treatment for an old front delt / shoulder injury which has bothered me for years. After a few sessions I have found I have more range of motion than I have had after other types of treatment. Debs is very professional and has a vast knowledge of anatomy so is able to vary the treatments to suit the particular problem"

Running Shoes

"I went to Deborah as I was suffering with a pain that was travelling all the way down my right leg as well as chronic neck pain, which was radiating through my shoulder and down my arm. I had become very anxious about the cause of my pains, Deborah straight away put me at ease and listened to me. Asking questions and analysing the cause of my pain. I am a runner and was suffering from extremely tight muscles as well as weakness in one of my ankles. Deborah worked on my muscles and then gave me stretches to do at home, which I continue to do. Again Deborah did the same with my neck and took the time to give me other exercises to do at home to help with stress and tension. She was amazing, I will only go to her now and would highly recommend her"

Mrs Ashleigh Marshall, Broxbourne

Female Tennis Player

Nilufer, Europe Head of Core Consumer Solutions, Visa

"When it comes to the body, Deborah knows her stuff. She spends time to understand the symptoms of one’s aches and pains as well as the individual’s lifestyle that may be a contributory factor. She then gets to work to uncover, manipulate and massage the underlying issue. She always explains what she is doing and why which is great to understand the theory behind her treatment.  She has helped me on many occasions whether it is a general body MOT or a specific injury, sprain or tension. Deborah is professional and very dedicated to her massage practice"

"I’ve been working with Deb for the last two years. I have a very active job and always had niggles and injuries before seeing her. Since having treatment my body has felt so much better with very little issues. 

The issues that do arise due to playing tennis all day are seen to by Deb in such a professional manor. She has such an incredible understanding of the body therefore is able to understand the areas and muscles that need working on and it will only take one to two session before I’m feeling fit again. 

I would recommend Deborah to any person active or not, even if it’s just for body maintenance and you don’t have any injuries because being able to stay on top of your body is so important in my mind. 

Finally, the care that goes in to every treatment is amazing, the massage itself is always effective, and she is always providing home care to keep me stretching and avoiding injury. You can just tell she has a passion for this job and is incredible at it"

Harry James 

Former semi-pro tennis player 

Head coach at Tennis club